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Chauffeur Jobs

Being a chauffeur is a unique and often undervalued career. A chauffeur does much more on their average day at work that just driving people around and opening doors for them. A chauffeur has the opportunity everyday to help and serve people who are relying on them to make their day run smoothly. When those days do run smoothly it makes the job all the more satisfying.

Chauffeurs also get to travel in style to places they may not ordinarily see, such as castles where their passengers are getting married, beach resorts for their passenger's business conferences or to the most popular bars, restaurants and tourist attractions.

The job of chauffeur is also very competitive as there are many people out there trying to get started as a chauffeur, yet many of them have inadequate training. A good chauffeur not only knows what they have to do, but why it is so important.

A properly qualified chauffeur makes sure they know who each passenger is and what their purpose for travel is to ensure they can best meet their needs. The chauffeur will also be able to continue the luxury experience for the passenger who has spent a special weekend away or is being married at the most stylish hotel in town.

Chauffeurs also must be safe and confident drivers and know what to do in the event of an accident. A chauffeur also therefore carries a first aid kit and a mechanical repair kit in the limousine. A chauffeur also needs to be able to stay in convoy, for a wedding party for example, without being split up and without driving recklessly to catch up.

Chauffeurs also need to be well presented and provide positive service as they are often the 'face' of the limo hire company they work for and are the member of staff that the passengers have the most interaction with. Therefore, they are representing their company whenever they take their limo out of the garage.

A chauffeur is an intricate and involved job, yet once you have the sills, it can take you anywhere you want o go. You can travel the world and be a chauffeur, you can chauffeur children to parties, brides to weddings, older drivers to see their families or pick up the rich and famous in your limousine. Being a chauffeur is also a job you can do long after many of your friends have been forced to retire as the more experienced you become, the more in demand your services will be.

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