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With the entire world becoming more environmentally conscious, limousine manufacturers are being forced to think of new and more fuel efficient options for their large and luxurious limousines.

Since limousines spend much of their life driving around our cities and suburbs, they are significant contributors to the pollution in our skies. Therefore, many limousine manufacturers have developed limousines which run on alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas. However, BMW have gone into the production of hydrogen limousines, to be released next year.

The hydrogen BMW will be part of the 7-series BMWs and with the concept first being presented by BMW in 2000, the new zero-emissions limousine is set to hit the streets in 2007. The hydrogen limousine has a V12 engine which can run on both gas and hydrogen and can switch automatically when one fuel is running low.

While the new BWM limousine only runs at 231 horsepower, the aim is to move towards cars and limousines which run on a sustainable and environmentally friendly fuel source.

While the hydrogen limousines have a large fuel tank which takes up much of the space in the boot, the new BMW limousines will be originally created for small fleets, and depending on the response, will be expanded to a larger market.

The BMW hydrogen engines were also put to the test in a BWM race car and the BMW Hydrogen Racer H2R reached speeds over 300km/h and set nine records. While the hydrogen BMW racer has only one seat and can reach mind boggling speeds, it also paved the way for the BMW hydrogen limousine to offer a more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly luxury transport solution.

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