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Be a Dedicated Chauffeur

Limousine hire can be a very seasonal industry and limousine hire companies have very busy and very slow periods. Therefore, many limousine chauffeurs who operate their own business, or who work contracted to a larger limo hire company, have second jobs which they go back to during the day, or during the slower limo hire times.

However, there are some drivers who happen to own a luxury car with a little extra legroom in the back, and who decide that they can pick up a bit of extra money by �chauffeuring' passengers who happen to be on their way to their day job. Drivers who pick up work in this way are not dedicated to the limousine hire industry and are not focussed on the exceptional service and quality which separates limousine hire from calling cab.

While luxury vehicles such as Lincoln Town Cars can be driven as everyday vehicles and, yes are also used in the limousine hire industry, this doesn't mean they can simply be called limousines and this makes their drivers automatically chauffeurs when they are picking up passengers on their way to their day job who happen to need to go in the same direction.

Being able to drive a vehicle, and not having had any accidents in your years behind the wheel is not enough to qualify you as a chauffeur. Chauffeurs are highly trained and fully licensed professionals who are dedicated to their industry and work hard to maintain the luxury, class and style of the limousine hire industry's image.

In picking up passengers on the way to somewhere else, a driver is risking the reputation of the entire industry, not to mention the safety of their passengers. Limousine hire companies have full insurance to cover their chauffeurs, their limousines and any and all passengers and their possessions. A driver who calls themselves a chauffeur on the way to somewhere else, does not have the correct safety regulations, but is instead riding on the back of the good reputation of the limo hire industry.

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