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Limo Accreditation

Limo Accreditation

When planning your next big party or function, the smoothness of the day depends largely on your transport. If you have hired an unreliable limousine, you and your guests or business clients risk being late to the church or meeting, as well as possibly arriving in a poor quality limousine.

Therefore it is important that you inspect the limousine before you hire it and make sure you will get the exact limo you look at. However, there are still many things that can go wrong and this is why it is important to hire from a limo hire company who is accredited and recognised as reliable.

Many accreditation programs will have strict criteria their potential members must adhere to before they are accepted. This gives you peace of mind when you are hiring a limo for your next big event as all you have to do is look for their limo hire company's accreditation symbol.

The Limo Guild is one such association which was formed with the desire to ensure the British public were able to access credible information and make informed decisions when dealing with the limousine industry.

Potential Limo Guild Members are assessed by a panel of directors and must achieve a gold star rating to be admitted. To be allowed to display the Limo Guild shield on their advertising and business front, limo hire companies must follow strict guidelines concerning their business practices and conditions of their fleet and make sure these guidelines are maintained consistently.

Limo Guild members who are found to not meet these guidelines in their operation and provide unsatisfactory service have their membership immediately cancelled.

Not only are limo hire companies listed as members with the Limo Guild regulated by their membership, the dedication shown by limo hire companies who are willing to undergo the requirements for accreditation and maintained membership demonstrates that the company has a strong commitment to the limousine industry and will strive to maintain the high levels of quality and customer service the industry is built on.

So when you are next looking to hire a limousine, ask about the associations the limo hire companies are affiliated with and where they hold memberships.

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