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Environmentally Friendly Limos...

We are becoming more and more aware of the fragile state of our environment and this, as well as world oil prices, is encouraging us to buy smaller and more fuel efficient cars. So have you wondered how much the emissions are from a huge stretch limo carrying eight passengers and burning through the fuel?

Well you'll be pleased to know that many limo hire companies are now becoming more environmentally aware and are looking to vehicles powered by compressed natural gas. Natural gas is extremely clean burning and is also an abundant renewable resource. Running on natural gas allows the vehicles to produce very low emissions, with advances in technology looking towards vehicles which produce zero emissions.

It is limo hire companies all over the world who are making the switch to healthier fuels. Regal Limo in North Hampton in the USA has the first natural gas powered limousine fleet in the state. Regal was awarded federal funds to develop the subsidised fleet which will replace the petrol powered vehicles. Regal have worked closely with the Governor's Office of Energy and Community Services to complete the grant application to the US Department of Energy.

While the initial cost to upgrade the fleet of limos to vehicles which run on natural gas is substantial, businesses like limo hire companies make many trips every day through the city and to major public areas such as airports and hotels, creating a high amount of emissions. Therefore, the environmental benefits far outweigh the financial implications. Replacing a fleet of limos such as that of Regal Limo's 40 vehicles, is a 75% reduction in emissions.

Companies such as Regal Limo also become able to claim tax benefits for running cleaner vehicles, as well as being able to go between 250-350 miles on one tank of gas.

In California, ECOLIMO is a luxury car and limo hire company with an emphasis on using the most fuel efficient cars and fuels available. ECOLIMO uses Toyota Prius Hybrid sedans, Honda Civic NGV powered sedans, Mercedes Benz E320 CDI Biodiesel fuelled sedans, Lexus 400h Hybrid mini SUVs and larger, Ford Excursion Biodiesel powered SUVs and Chevy Suburban SUV's, all powered by compressed natural gas.

Limos and luxury cars are highly noticeable on our roads and if these hire companies can lead by example, the future for lower fuel emissions will look a lot clearer.

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