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Last Day of School Pranksters...

The last day of school is always a momentous occasion for any child. And as most of may know there are a small majority of children that will try to make the day as memorable as possible. We have all heard the stories about fire alarms being set off, children being egged, and even the head teachers car decorated with explicit material etc.

This article is written for the benefit of concerned parents, teachers, and even children who may want to organise something different for the children and give them something else to look forward to other than the usual mishaps as mentioned above.

For a start it is always a good idea to get the children involved in the project. If they are treated like adults, more than likely they will behave like adults. Elect a responsible child to act on behalf of the children who will relay messages confidently and accurately.

Once an idea has been agreed, such as a leavers party (or school prom, which have become extremely popular over the past two years) decide on budgets, venues and maybe even coach transfers or limousine hire. There will be many things to organise and planning in advance is vital as many companies get booked in advance, especially limousine companies, because the prom will start at the same time for everyone at the school more than likely they will be only able to fit in one job possibly two. As we all know there are only a limited about of companies in your area that will probably provide this kind of service so planning in advance is of essence. This is the same case for hotels where conference and banqueting halls get booked in advance.

Some schools may be have small budgets, if this is the case, you could always try to get local, small companies to sponsor you or even allow you to use a small reception hall if you can get hold of one.

By getting the children in small projects such as this will possibly avoid the usual mishaps on the last day of term. If you have younger children who are leaving their junior or primary school to go to high school a prom may not be appropriate. If this is the case then you may be able to make their last day special by organising a school trip to a theme park such as Alton Towers. If this is not possible then hiring a stretch limousine for the afternoon may be a nice gesture. The children could pose and take pictures with their friends, who they may never get to see again due to the fact that they are going to different secondary schools.

If you require more information about any of the above then please feel free to contact us. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope this article was useful.

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