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When it comes to limousine hire around the UK, you can count on Limo Broker to offer the very best and personal service.

Our company was setup to save people money and help them compare prices as quickly as possible without any cost. All you need to go is fill in our online quote form and we'll do the rest! We will look around for the best five prices and then call you back with a price. If you prefer to have the quote by e-mail, please state this on the quote form.

You can hire limos in almost any models and colours including Hummer limos (pictured above) the new Chrysler 300 limousine (pictured on the left) pink limos and many more. Please speak to our sales branch for more details.

When it comes to the regulations binding the limousine industry, many police and officials don't know the intricacies of these laws. It is therefore almost impossible for you to know whether the limo hire company you are using is operating legally.

Since the police know little about the limo regulations, it is up to the Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA) who issues the licences to work with the police to educate and help enforce.

It is also up to the public to help track down the limo operators who are breaking the law. In the course of looking for the best deal on limo hire for your special night, you will have rung many, many companies, some of which may have offered you limos.

Many councils are now also working with the Police to complete random spot checks of limousines. In a recent check of approximately 12 vehicles, which 75% of them were either breaking the law or did not know about the limo law.

Other councils are taking the issue straight to the limo operators and have sent all limo hire business a letter of warning, reminding them of the law and the consequences of breaking it.

However, even with almost half of all limo hire companies carrying too many passengers, to date there has only been one death involving limousines in the UK. While any loss of life is tragic, it does prove that on the whole, the limo industry is a respectable industry and would benefit from more uniform regulations.

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