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Many people are addicted to the style and class afforded to them when travelling in a limo. However, many of those same people haven't a chance of ever being able to afford their own limousine. This is why many of us limit the use and hire of a limo to the most special of occasions and the most special of reasons.

However, entering the limousine market, smoothly, quietly, yet still stylishly is the new Rover 75. The most important addition to the new Rover 75 model is the longer wheelbase. With all of the original style and class of a Rover, the new 75 includes an additional 200mm in its wheelbase. The new Rover 75 comes in automatic or manual, with the option of a CDTi turbo diesel engine.

The long wheelbase model was born from the combined efforts of Rover and the long established coach builder S Mac Neillie and Son P/L. From Mac Neillie's extensive experience in building specialist luxury vehicles, comes an array of decadent extras. As well as the extra rear legroom, there is also extensive interior lighting, leather trim, timber fascia, modern controls, metallic paint and the provisions for entertainment and IT systems.

The 175bhp 24-valve 2.5-litre V6 engine and five speed JATCO gear box means you will have more power on hand than you think you'll ever need to get through the busy city streets and highways.

The longer wheel base also absorbs the undulations of the roads ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride in every sense.

The Rover limousine is a completely new kind of car for the company. However, they have come out in style and produced a car that is affordable, practical, comfortable and luxurious; the perfect option for your next company car, or to send to the airport to pick up your new client.

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