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Limousines are great ways to transport large groups of people a variety of distances in safety and comfort.

This is probably why limousines are the chosen car for many road rallies and scavenger hunt events.

For example, there is even a company in Canada who organises scavenger hunts in a variety of mediums. Their hunts are based on road rallies where the company will create and include trivia clues, riddles, characters in costume to direct you, crosswords and historic sites, while hiring your groups limousines and chauffeurs to get you from clue to clue.

They also cater to groups wanting to do a corporate road rally in which the clues rely on teamwork and creativity.

Completing a road rally in a limousine, allows the members of the team to concentrate on solving the clues without having to worry about negotiating traffic at the same time. Teams will also be able to enjoy riding in a chauffeur driven limousine, stretching out in the luxurious passenger seats and making use of the fully stocked bar. Having a professional chauffeur drive the teams around the rally also ensures they make it to the end and don't get distracted by the pub they just passed.

The Historical Museum in Florida also have a similar limo rally event and their's includes up to 30 limos each year. The Historic Pursuit Limo Rally has been running for several years and is made up of a museum support group who are mainly young professionals, including lawyers, school employees, hospital employees and council members.

Each team member pays $100 for the use of a limousine to complete, with the help of a group of friends, the scavenger hunt. The event is run as a fund raiser for the museum and is a source of a good night our for the team members as many clues are left at bars around town and it can be an exciting night.

But you don't need to go to an outside company to help you organise a scavenger hunt for your office or friends. Simply found up your friends, create a trail and contact Limo Broker to find you a limousine or two which will suit your rally.

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