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Having already discovered that the definitions and classifications of what constitutes a limo are unclear, there are some new models of car which are calling themselves limos. Are they? We all know a stretch limo when we see one but what about just a 'limo'?

UK based limo manufacturer, Binz has recently presented its new concept for an S-Class limo which will only be available by special order. The S-Class uses a three door configuration with three forward facing rows know as a 'stage' vehicle. Having all of the rows facing forwards, allows the passengers a more comfortable ride and allows for easier entering and exiting of the limo.

The new Binz comes with air conditioning and can have extras added such as video screens mounted on headrests and additional entertainment options.

In April of this year, Lexus unveiled their new 2008 LS 600h L hybrid luxury sedan, which they are calling a limousine. The Lexus has a long wheel base and has the highest quality safety and technology inclusions.

The long wheel base allows for nearly five inches of extra leg room for the rear passengers. The list of luxury extras includes front and rear air conditioning, rear door power sun shades, rear power headrests, four person seating with fixed rear console with fold out table and passenger side rear seat recliner with foot rest and multifunction massage, and the list goes on� Now is that luxurious enough to justify being called a limousine?

With a quiet ride being one of the top reasons people buy luxury cars, the new Lexus has noise levels of about half that of an ordinary car making it one of the most quiet cars ever built.

Also, including state of the art technology, the Lexus has two cameras mounted on the bonnet, coupled with a millimetre-wave radar to detect large metal obstacles as well as smaller non-metallic obstacles such as people.

There is also a third camera mounted on the steering wheel to monitor the direction of the driver's head. If the driver's head is turned away from the road at the time an obstacle is detected, the car will begin braking on its own. The car also secures the passenger restraints ready for impact.

So while not traditionally what you would recognise as a limousine, these cars are still packed with enough style, comfort, space and class to earn the term 'limo'.

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