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Welcome to UK's leading limo hire company, Limo Broker. If you require limousine hire in Preston, Lancashire, Bolton,Manchester, Blackpool or any of the surrounding areas, you have come to the perfect place. We can help you secure an excellent deal in a matter of minutes.

With limousines increasing in size by the second, it is getting harder and harder for limo hire companies to get the necessary licences for these vehicles which were previously passenger vehicles, but are now cruising the streets as mobile party venues.

While you may not expect to see the name Toyota in the limousine industry, who expected to see the military Humvees making a shocking and head turning entrance into the luxury car business? So while stranger things have happened, Toyota has introduced a new path for the larger limousines to travel.

The Toyota concept car is described as having living room-like space and is called an F3R. The F3R is a new, attractive and sporty revival of the almost taboo passenger car - the minivan! The concept is a joint project between Toyota's Californian design studio and a Californian company, Advanced Product Strategy Group. The design team have worked hard and have put in three sets of seats which have very modern metal-edged bottoms, asymmetrical backs and semi-integrated headrests.

The funky new F3R Toyota minivan can seat eight adults and the chauffeur of the F3R is not forgotten with a seat which reclines and swivels. The passenger seat also reclines to make a comfy bench seat. The seating is also anything but static with the middle seats being able to split and fold away to incorporate the rear row in a conversation area, just like the kind you would find in a funky furniture catalogue.

The interior is designed to give the impression of flow and the instrument panel melds with the doors and the wrap around backrests encase you for a smooth ride. There are also fibre optic lights in the sides of the seats and a lighting panel in the side door which can be turned on to illuminate the lounge area during a chat.

As with any good luxury car, the F3R also has two flat panel monitors which are track mounted and allow for movies, TV or games.

While the Toyota limousine is still a concept car, there are plenty of party buses around to take you for a big night out. For more information about limousines available for hire in your area, contact Limo Broker now.

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