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Limo Hire Industry Takes Tough Blows

Limo Hire Industry Takes Tough Blows...

The limo hire industry has taken some tough blows lately and it doesn't take much to turn a bustling stretch limo hire company into a struggling one. With the dip in spending after the events of 9/11, coupled with the forced fare rise due to the higher cost of fuel, some limo hire companies are on an unsteady footing.

Limo hire companies also rely on a variety of events and clientele for their business, from high school graduates to older drivers not confident enough to drive in bad weather, and everyone in between. Therefore, a seemingly unconnected event in a limo hire company's operating city, or even country, can have devastating effects on its business.

So, it is no surprise that when New Jersey casinos were closed in July, the effects were felt throughout the US limousine industry. The 12 New Jersey casinos were forced to close their doors over a stalemate with the government over the state budget. In the 28 year history of Atlantic City, this is the first mass closure of casinos ever seen.

Limo hire companies across the country have seen a decrease in the number of limos they are hiring out as not as many people are going down to Atlantic City anymore. One limo hire company based in Long Island has had to cancel a 24 hour Hummer limousine run and dozens of other limo hire bookings. Some relief has come as the limo hire company's customers are heading to Foxwoods Resort Casino instead.

However, a New York limo hire company on Fifth Avenue has had nine of its ten reservations for round trip limo services to Atlantic City cancelled. Limo hire companies have found however, that while they were previously fully booked and forced to turn customers away, they now have limousines available for other trips to other areas.

Just like with any business, there are risks and ups and downs to be had everyday and the limousine industry is no different, the closures in Atlantic City simply demonstrate the often unstable nature of business, especially those offering luxury services.

However, here in the UK, the limo hire companies are ready to take you wherever you need to go. So for more information about limousines available for a trip to the casino, contact UK's leading limo hire company, Limo Broker now.

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