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Early Limo Construction: Limousines may seem like a new idea because we are seeing more and more of them on the UK streets. However, limos have been constructed, bought, accessorised and hired for many years.

There are 100's of different style limousines available around the world including stretch Hummers (pictured on the right) pink limos, BMW X5 limousine, Mercedes limos, VW Beetle limo, Range Rover Sport limo, Chrysler 300 Hemi and many more.

One early limo builder was Armbruster & Company of Fort Smith in Arkansas. Still in operation today, Armbruster is one of the few vehicle manufacturers specialising in stretched, custom sedans, or stretch limos.

The original limos were in a 'stage' style which was initially developed in 1887 as it was considered to be unable to be held up. With the worry of meeting highwaymen when travelling, this was a popular design at the time.

Their first stretch motorcoach was built in 1923 when the Jordan Bus Company asked Armbruster to stretch out a touring car for use on their bus line. Since then, Armbruster & Company have been manufacturing buses and stretch limos.

Until 1949, production was around 20 units per year, until Mr Armbruster decided to sell the company when his business partner passed away. The new owner Ed Robben took over in early 1950 model and grew the company until his death in 1966. Robben's son and son-in-law then took over as President and Vice President. Armbruster & Company continued to grow, going on to produce 360 coaches a year, almost one a day.

The cars constructed at Armbruster are uniquely created. They are not simply 'stretched out' existing cars, they are completely adapted for their new life as stretch limos. A heavy duty rear axle is inserted, new suspension system, heavy duty shock absorbers, engine cooling system, customised power steering, front disc brakes, heavy duty automatic transmission, large rear drum brakes and heavy duty 15 inch wheels.

The vehicle is cut by hand with saws and torches, while new roof, floor and side sections are created and additional doors installed, all done on site. The fully constructed vehicle is then coated with a one-eighth of an inch thick coating to prepare it for the colour matched paint.

The final step is the interior features which are dependant on the intended use of the vehicle. Armbruster & Company are dedicated to making a stretch limo which will go the distance in style.

We will be adding photos of classic and modern limos soon. Please come back soon.

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