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There are so many limo hire companies out there that you may not be sure where to start when looking for a limo to hire for your next special event. It is hard to know what to look for as well, since hiring a limo is not something most of us do everyday.

So, listed here are some things you should ask the limo hire companies you are contacting in your searching.

  • How long have you been operating this business?
  • How many vehicles do you have?
  • Where is your office located?
  • How old are you vehicles?
  • Can I view your limousines?
  • Are there any minimum charges or minimum hire times?
  • Is this your sole occupation?
  • Does the price include any extras - drinks, balloons, umbrellas, red carpet?
  • What happens to me if the limo I hire breaks down?
  • How will you guarantee I will receive this exact limo?
  • Do you have the appropriate insurance policy and can I see it?
  • Will I receive a written confirmation of the price and inclusions?
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
  • What is the deposit and when is the balance due?
  • What colours, logos or decals are on your limos and are they appropriate for my needs?

Length of hire is a very important issue to ask about. This is because the average time taken to prepare a limo before a job is around two and a half hours. Therefore many limo hire companies will have a minimum hire time of around three hours to make up for time spent cleaning. There is also likely to be a minimum hire charge too. This is usually unavoidable so beware of companies who don't charge you this as they may be using your limo for other jobs on the same day, risking scheduling issues.

Here at Limo Broker, once you have decided to book a limo or vehicle with us, you will receive an e-mail instantly. The e-mail will confirm each and every details you need. It also includes the emergency phone number for the driver, the t&c's, booking confirmation details etc.

Also remember, the cheapest limo hire company is usually not the best, it's all about the level of service provided. If you want to save money, consider scheduling your function in the middle of the week as this is an off peak time. This is the least busiest time for limo companies so you can save yourself a lot of money if you book between Sunday and Thursday.

The main thing you need to remember is to request a copy of the terms and conditions of the hire. You can find one on this site. It should be very similar to this one.

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