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When hiring a limo it is important to make sure the limo hire company knows what the limo will be used for. This is not only because they are able to provide extras to make your special event and unique ride in a limo even more special, but it also ensures the limo sends the correct message.

For example, if you are sending a limo to pick up your client, you may have told the limo hire company that they are picking up a woman from the airport. If this is all the information they are given because you have booked in a hurry, they may send a pink or purple limo to meet this woman as it is a busy time and all of their white and grey limos are out - all women like pink don't they? While many women do like pink, it is not always appropriate for a business client who may wish to remain inconspicuous in this new city she has just arrived in.

If you were to tell a limo hire company that the limo was being sent for an important business client, they will then be able to offer you the choice of including a newspaper for your client in the limo, internet access and a power outlet for her to check her emails, a phone to check in with her home office and even a cup of coffee to revive her after the flight.

Or, if you have the unfortunate job of hiring a limo for a funeral, you will need to ask the limo hire company about the presentation of their limos. Many companies use their limos as advertising and include large showy decals with their information on the sides. This may be appropriate for other occasions but not so for a funeral. Also make sure the company has an appropriate coloured limo to send you. For a funeral event, the limo hire company will also be able to provide you boxes of tissues in the limo as well as water and other calming drinks.

There are also standard inclusions which you should be able to expect from every limo service. These include a formally dressed chauffeur, an umbrella for sunny or rainy days and drinks or a bar available.

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