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With limousine production becoming more and more advanced to now include every luxury you could ever want or need, where does limo production go from here?

There are limos in almost any colour you could want, from white, grey and black to silver, red and purple, not to mention the all favourite - a pink limo!

Limos come with TVs, DVDs, XBoxes, PlayStations and stereos to make them party buses but you can also hire a limousine with a workstation, phone line, internet line, Bluetooth and fax machine for those important office duties that need to be done between meetings.

So while nothing that limousine manufacturers can put into limos will shock or amaze us anymore because we feel like we have seen it all, there are still plenty of people out there with wild imaginations and even wilder cheque books who are creating more unique limousines all the time.

For example, you would think that Ferrari were immune to the stretch limo industry as cars are either incredibly fast or incredibly luxurious, but rarely both. However, there is a 2002 Ferrari Superossa which has been stretched to seat four rows of passengers.

Those patriotic Americans will also stop at nothing to display their national flag and the limousine known as The Patriot or The Liberty is a 65 foot limousine with an American flag decal along the side. It is thought to be the longest motorised flag in the world.

For all of those puff buffs, you don't have to give up your passion for trains to ride in a limousine as there is now the train limo. It is a limousine made from an old passenger train car and can seat 20 people around the cabin, making it perfect for business meetings or wedding parties.

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