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We all have such busy lifestyles that it is a real treat to escape for a weekend, or even longer with our special someone. The UK is a country of historic hotels, relaxing walking trails and romantic rolling countryside perfect to escape in. Therefore, come up with a reason right now to whisk your partner away for a romantic escape from your jobs, your family, your home and your life, leaving just the two of you for a special weekend.

In planning your special romantic escape, make sure you get it off to the right start by hiring a limousine to take you to your hotel. Grabbing a little time alone can be hard so make the most of the time you have by holidaying right here in the UK to cut down on travelling time and make the most of the time off.

Your limousine will arrive at your door step to chauffeur you away in style and comfort and you can enjoy the bottle of champagne waiting in the bar, catch your favourite movie or listen to your favourite CD in the limo's multimedia centre.

As your limousine smoothly takes you away from your everyday life, you can start planning what you will do when you arrive at your hotel. If you have chosen The Swan Hotel in Suffolk, your possibilities are almost endless.

After entering The Swan and admiring the oak beams, panelled walls and luxurious furnishings, you can enjoy a meal in one of the many dining rooms, depending on which mood takes you. You can visit the main restaurant which offers an elegant setting for a special occasion or private celebration, the Garden Bar Restaurant has a bright and refreshing atmosphere, while the Old Bar offers a charming and cosy retreat; all of which offer menus created from the best local ingredients from around Suffolk.

Once you make it to your room, you may never want to leave again. The rich and luxurious furnishings are coupled with pure linen sheets and feather pillows to ensure you feel pampered and relaxed during your stay. The rooms are equipped with a four poster bed and can even offer you the option to have a chilled bottle of champagne waiting for you when you arrive.

Suffolk and The Swan have everything you will need for your romantic escape and having your own personal limousine and chauffeur on hand during your escape will make it all the more special.

For more information or to book a limousine for your romantic Suffolk escape, contact Limo Broker now.

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