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Family Christmas Escape

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Family Christmas Escape

Christmas can be a stressful time, so why not forget about rushing around to the houses of all of your relatives and ending up as a tired bundle at the end of the day and have Christmas in the country away from family, traffic and schedules.

You can choose to escape to Dartmoor for your country Christmas celebration and Prince Hall has a special Christmas celebration in their hotel so you won't even have to venture out if you don't want to.

Because you will generally be staying in the one place during your Christmas escape, you can hire your family a limousine to take you from your house, out to Dartmoor for a truly relaxing Christmas treat. You won't have to worry about the rushing Christmas traffic or the trials of driving through a white (i.e. wet and slushy) Christmas season, you can simply hop in and enjoy celebrating Christmas with your immediate family.

Prince Hall is one of the ancient tenements of Dartmoor and this site has been home to a property since 1443. The remains of the former house can still be seen, including the original foundations, cellars, courtyard and paddock, however the destruction of the original house is a mystery�

In 1787 the present mansion which is Prince Hall was built and changed hands many times, through many influential British families. At the end of the 19th century the house became the private home of the Barrington family who were stewards to the Duke of Cornwall. The current Duke of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales, still controls much of the surrounding moor. In the late 1800s, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stayed at Prince Hall and was inspired by the Dartmoor countryside, to write of Sherlock Holmes' adventures in �The Hound of the Baskervilles'.

Christmas celebrations at Prince Hall begin in November and consists of a variety of menus featuring local produce from around Dartmoor and Devon. You can choose to stay for a week, a weekend or a month, depending on how and where you want to celebrate the day of Christmas. However, when you are ready to return to your local Christmas celebrations, your limousine chauffeur will be ready and waiting to escort you home.

For more information about limousines available for your Christmas experience of Dartmoor, contact Limo Broker now.

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