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Be a Local Tourist

Thousands of tourists come to the UK every year to indulge in our culture, history and countryside, so why not see what all of the fuss is about this weekend and plan a trip to Henley-on-Thames for a bit of shopping, sightseeing and good local food and wine.

While it is hard to truly feel like a tourist in your own country, leave the car at home as a reminder that this is not an ordinary day out, and hire a limousine to take you and your family or partner for a day of exploration in the country.

Your limousine will pick you up from your door when you are ready to leave and give you the chance to explore your own backyard in comfort and style. There will be no arguments about who has to do the driving and there will be no incessant whining from the back seat as the kids won't care when they get there as they will be having a great time simply enjoying the ride in the limousine.

Once you arrive in Henley-on-Thames there is a myriad of activities you can choose from for your exploration. For example, you can start off with the Oxford Way Walk to stretch your legs after your long limo ride as the walking path leads from Henley to Oxford.

Or if you are after something more akin to the style in which you arrived in Henley-on-Thames, you can head over and see Windsor Castle which is the weekend home of Queen Elizabeth II and the largest occupied castle in the world. While you are there you can also take a peek at Eaton College where both Prince William and Prince Harry went to school.

After you have worked up an appetite you can drop in at the local traditional British pub, The Three Tuns and enjoy a traditional English meal. Or for something more Mediterranean, you can eat at the Villa Marina, a traditional Italian restaurant which welcomes everyone to the table.

When you are revived from your meal, you can check out the local stores as what would a holiday be without a few souvenirs? You can visit Hubbledays for unique cookery items, Jonkers for rare and specialty books, The Field where you will find all the top name designers and The Henley Jewellers for a range of contemporary jewellery.

Now that you are loaded down with delicious meals and rare retail finds, you will be glad that your chauffeur is on hand to load all of your purchases, and your weary family, back into the limousine for the trip home.

For more information about a trip to Henley-on-Thames in a limousine, contact Limo Broker now.

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