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Team Building Limo Hire

You may work with people everyday and think you know them, but when you are at work, your conversation is generally restricted to work matters as there are deadlines to meet, phones ringing and coffee to be made. This is why team building events and weekends are so important for the positive cooperation and interaction of your staff.

Wine tasting is not a new idea and many of us are usually quite willing to be part of a wine tasting group or outing. Therefore, why not contact Champagne Tuesday, a company who is dedicated to making wine tasting a bonding experience.

Also, to ensure successful bonding and team building, you will probably need to hire you and your staff a limousine to transport you all to Champagne Tuesday and back to your homes again. Also depending on how many staff you are sending, you may need a stretch limousine or two.

Champagne Tuesday's theory is that wine and champagne don't need to be reserved for special occasions but can be enjoyed anytime, Tuesdays for example, in front of the telly. Champagne Tuesday offers casual fun functions where you can learn a little about wine and taste a lot of it.

Some team building based tastings offered include, call my wine bluff where teams compete to match the correct wines to their descriptions. Blind tasting competitions, tutored wine tasting and food and wine gastronomic experiences.

These games can be based around major wines of the world, champagne and sparkling wines, fine wine and cheese tasting, new and old world wines, weird and wonderful wines, gin and rum tasting, whiskey tasting or kosher wine tasting.

Activities can be adapted to the individual group and can act as a pre dinner event or as a whole day's experience. Champagne Tuesday can also offer full catering facilities to suit your group.

After your tasting experiences you will be able to purchase the wines you have tasted or be provided with a list of retailers. Champagne Tuesday aims not to host sales events, instead provide an opportunity for a group of people with little in common except their career, to come together and enjoy good food and wine.

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