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If you are looking for an original way to get the kids out of the house and away from their computer screen this weekend, you and your family should plan a day trip in the country.

Living in a historic country like the UK means that there are many, many places which are great for a day trip with the family and aren't too far away either. For example, you can visit Riverdene in Surrey which is only 20 miles from London.

To get into the historical and royal history of Riverdene, hire a limousine to take you and your family out to Surrey for the day to delve into our country's history and majesty and enjoy the beautiful countryside along the way.

By hiring a limousine you will be able to do all of the exploring and discovering that you want and not have to worry about being too tired to drive home as your chauffeur will take you back to your front door when you have discovered all of the secrets of Riverdene.

In the 1800s, in County Surrey a 430 acre fiefdom, the Ashley Park Estate, was built on the land which was originally the Hampton Court Palace hunting grounds for Henry VIII. The owners of Ashley Park, the Sassoon family, were very supportive of the local community and hosted fetes, cricket, golf and celebrations for the whole village.

In 1881, Riverdene was built as one of the seven dwellings on the Estate. Riverdene was built by a renowned Victorian architect, however the Estate was later sold and the main house and mansion demolished. Riverdene was preserved and the site was later sold to a developer.

The Sassoons however, were very well connected in their time and were good friends with two Princes of Wales - the future Kings Edward VII and Edward VIII.

Riverdene was passed in ownership to many over the years and in 1959 was sold to the Radowitz couple. Mrs Penelope Radowitz's family was traced back through the Victorian era to German aristocracy. The Radowitzs raised their family at Riverdene and sold the property in 1973 when their children had moved out.

After this sale, the developers petition to turn this historic site into a retail outlet! Their request is denied and Riverdene was instead bought by Emilia M Nunn and her children who know and recognise the historical importance of their new property and worked to restore the building.

The result is an interior restoration and upgrade and a beautiful Victorian style hotel called Riverdene Gardens, the perfect place to explore on a country drive or stay for a weekend to escape the city.

So to escape and explore the turbulent history of this beautiful Victorian house, contact Limo Broker now to hire a limousine to take you and your family out to Surrey.

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