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When you ring up any limo hire company to ask about their cars and services, they will ask you what type of event you are hiring for. This is because there are numerous additional inclusion, specific to each limo hire customer, which can also be included for you.

For example, if you are hiring a limo to take your new baby home from the hospital, the limo hire company can provide streamers, balloons and an �it's a boy/girl' banner. The limo hire company can also provide cushions to support mum if she needs to feed baby on the way home and you can also request water or juice to be provided in the bar.

Still catering to the little ones, if you are hiring a limo for your child's birthday party, the limo hire company can again provide streamers and balloons in the appropriate colours, as well as kiddie drinks, snacks and soft drinks.

If you are hiring a limo as a touring car to help you see a town you are staying in or are being a tourist in your own city, you will already feel like you have everything you need. Hiring a limo to go sightseeing allows everyone to see the sights, even the usually designated driver and you can go on as many heritage walks and hiking tours as you want because you don't have to worry about conserving energy to drive home. You also have your own personal chauffeur to help you with any shopping or souvenirs you have picked up in your travels.

The limo hire company may also be willing to provide you with maps of the area you are visiting and brochures of the local tourist attractions which you may not have known about. They can also stock the bar with refreshing drinks and even provide a disposable camera for extra happy snaps.

There are also standard inclusions which you should be able to expect from every limo service. These include a formally dressed chauffeur, an umbrella for sunny or rainy days and drinks or a bar available.

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