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When the extravagant stretched limos we see in the UK are sent from the USA, there are many issues they need to address before they can begin prowling our streets.

Many stretch limos are created from the bodies of ordinary luxury cars which have been cut open and extended. When this is done, the manufacturing guidelines of the original car's manufacturer, for example Lincoln or Cadillac, must be adhered to. If this doesn't happen, the limo hire company who buys the new stretched car here is not covered by the car's warranty.

Also, the original components of the cars have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) stating how much weight the car can support. When the cars are stretched, this does not increase unless the coachbuilder is using specially manufactured reinforced parts. If the stretched limo exceeds the originals car's GVWR it can create serious safety issues and puts extra strain on internal components.

However, at the same time, companies like Lincoln and Cadillac have created specific guidelines for stretching their vehicles and offer extended warranties on limos which have been built following these.

Also, as well as the limo hire companies holding public liability insurance, the limousine manufacturers also have product liability insurance to protect the owners, passengers and drivers.

There is also a crash testing facility for stretched limos which tests their impact ability and how the extension of the car has affected its stopping and steering ability.

So when you next hire a limo, you can be sure that not only is the limo hire company looking out for your safety, there are stringent safety requirements the vehicles have to meet before they even reach our shores.

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