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Limo Seating Configurations...

While limousines are often used to transport a newly married couple to their wedding reception or a business executive to the airport, they are becoming increasingly popular for party goers as a prelude to a big night out.

Therefore the seating configurations on new limousines reflect the need for seats conducive to conversation and partying. Therefore, most limousines created from ordinary luxury cars will have bench seats along one or both sides so that passengers can travel sideways and not backwards while being able to talk to each other.

Early limousines called stage limousines had multiple doors and multiple rows of seating. This configuration was less popular as some passengers had their backs to each other and there was no access between rows.

Another early limousine seating configuration was in vehicles which had been stretched to create more legroom for the passengers; the regular forward facing seats were retained and two extra seats, called jump seats, were mounted behind the driver facing out the back window of the car. These seats folded up when not in use but have become less popular in modern limousines which have maintained their limit of three passengers and additional legroom.

A unique seating arrangement seen in the Maybach offers the option to add a third seat to the rear of the limousine. There are two full sized luxurious individual seats and the third seat replaces the centre console with plenty of room for all passengers.

There are several other common seating configurations you will find in most modern limousines. These include the three seat configuration which will have three sets of bench seats - one facing forward, one facing back and one along the side of the vehicle to create a U-shape. These seats are found in the Cadillac Phoenix, Cadillac Mirage, Ford Excursion and Lincoln Navigator limousines.

You will also often find the J-shaped seating which runs down one side of the vehicle and usually across the back in the Lincoln Town Car, Grand Mercury Marquis, Lincoln Tuxedo, Fleetwood Cadillac and SUV limousines such as Hummers.

This gives you some idea of the seating available in popular limousines. If you want to find out more about your choices, contact Limo Broker now.

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