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The type of training required to become a limo driver or chauffeur depends on the local licensing laws, the types of vehicles you wish to drive and the amount of time the driver has been driving as a chauffeur.

In UK, most limo drivers can drive a limo providing they hold a full UK driving license. However most limo insurance companies will refuse to insure under 25 year olds. This doesn't mean that anyone 25+ drivers can jump in the driver seat of limousine and start driving. Most limo hire companies will provide training, carry out a police check (if required) etc.

Many limousine companies have higher standards again as they wish to employ only the best chauffeurs to convey the best possible image of their company. Limo companies will also review a driver's medical history, credit rating and driving records. Many companies are also looking for drivers who are high school graduates, and over 25 years of age.

Before completing training for a chauffeur's licence, drivers must already have a standard driver's licence. Additional requirements include a knowledge of local geography, road safety requirements, customer service and often an English test where the driver completes a listening comprehension test.

Chauffeurs must be able to interact positively with a variety of people from different backgrounds, ages and cultures. It is a career which requires immense patience and tolerance for less than polite passengers. It is also important that limo divers are patient with the other drivers on the road and are able to negotiate congested traffic calmly. A chauffeur is also one of the most dependable professions as they are picking up passengers who need to make it to the airport or important meetings on time.

A chauffeur's day will start with the preparation of their limo, where they check for cleanliness inside and out. They will check the fuel level and oil gauge and make sure the lights, brakes and wipers work and that the tyres are still in good condition. Many chauffeurs will be able to carry out day to day maintenance such as changing tyres and changing oil and brake fluid, while they will take the limo to a professional mechanic for any major repairs.

A chauffeur stands out from an ordinary taxi driver, in the level of service offered to their passengers. They must be attentive to the needs of their passengers and make sure every small detail is just right. This includes holding the doors open, carrying an umbrella if it is raining and carrying and loading packages or luggage. If a chauffeur is catering for a regular passenger, they may run errands and fetch packages for their customers, as well as providing newspapers, magazines, drinks, phones and TVs making a regular chauffeur almost as indispensable as a personal assistant. All in a day's work.

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