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Hire a Limo for Some Stylish School Holiday Adventures

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Hire a Limo for Some Stylish School Holiday Adventures...

With the school holidays coming up, you are probably looking for a fun and creative new way to keep the kids entertained, get them out of the house, keep them learning and teach them to work together, even while they are having a break from school.

Well, there is an easy way you can organise a fun and educational family day for your kids these school holidays and it won't cost you any more than a few hours of limo hire. That's right, we'd love to hire you a couple of limos so you and your family can go on a treasure hunt together across the UK and spend some fun time together while your kids learn new skills.

Hiring limousines for a treasure hunt means that you can stage the hunt in a wider area than you normally would if the kids didn't have any transport. For example, if you live in Cornwall, your children are probably familiar with the area and would not have to concentrate to give the chauffeur directions to find the next clue.

However, by hiring a limo, you and your partner can divide the family into teams and hire a limo for each team so that the treasure hunt can take you from Torquay to the first clue you have hidden in Exeter. After solving the clue in Exeter, your family teams will then direct their chauffeurs to the next treasure hunt clue in Plymouth.

Riding from Exeter to Plymouth in your limousines you will be able to enjoy the unique scenery as it changes from the cities to the moors and once in Plymouth you will be able to search for the next clue which will lead you to the final destination of Truro.

Once in Truro, you can meet up with the other limo team and compare how you solved the clues and who arrived in town first. After the result of the treasure hunt has been decided, your family can then enjoy a dinner in Truro to celebrate the win and a great day out. As you and your family enjoy your meal you can send one of the limos back and have the other wait so your family can return home to Torquay.

On your limo ride home you won't have to worry about how tired you are, or about driving on country roads at night as the chauffeur will drop you and your family safely home.

Please contact us for more information about hiring a limo or two to take your family on a treasure hunt these holidays...

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