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If you want to plan an action packed day, but you know you'll be too tired to drive home afterwards, hire you and your friends a limo so you can go hard all day and relive your adventures in comfort on the way home.

If you are organising a stag night for your best friend who is a bit on the adventurous side, book you and your mates into Megazone in Morecambe. Megazone is the ultimate laser field game and can be played in all weathers by people of all ages. You will play in teams or against your mates to achieve your objectives and dodge many a laser 'bullet'. It is guaranteed you will have almost as much fun reliving the day in the limo on the way home as you will playing it.

Williamson Park in Lancaster is a great way to discover nature, explore wildlife and interact in some ancient technology all in one place.

You can take your family to visit the butterfly house where you will be able to walk amongst some of the world's most beautiful butterflies as they flutter from the flowers, trees and vines of their enclosure. Species include the swallowtail and cleverly camouflaged owl butterfly - see if you can spot him.

The 6.3 hectares which is now Williamson Park dates back to the reign of King George III. You are now able to walk through the majestic trees, new shrubs and beautiful wild flowers. Dogs are also welcome but you will have to clean up after them. There is also a bird feeding station which attracts a variety of local birds depending on the season.

You will also be able to see the Lancaster sundial where you become the gnomon by standing on the centre of the plinth and telling the time by where your shadow falls.

So if you are up for a day of adventure and exploring but don't want to give up all your creature comforts, hire a limo to explore Morecambe and Limo Broker will be able to find you a stretch limo to suit your group from their network of limo hire companies across the UK.

So whether you need limo hire in Morecambe, Lancaster, Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley, Carlisle, Kirkby, Penrith, Kendal, Ulverstone, Nelson or any of the LA, BB or CA postal code areas.

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