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When planning your next function, party or event, you will have been told by everyone - make sure you book your limousine early! And they are right. Limousines are becoming more and more popular for all kinds of events and while there are numerous types of limousines and many limo hire companies, if you leave booking your limo to the last minute you may miss out on the style you wanted.

Therefore the best solution is obviously to book your limo or fleet of limos well in advance of your event, usually 6-8 months before. However, this is not always possible and there are also often circumstances beyond your control which mean you have a short amount of time to find the perfect limousine for your event.

Therefore, it is good to know the typically busy times of the year, week and day. Knowing this ensures that if you are organising limousines at the last minute, you can try to book your event at a time which is typically slow for limo hire companies and therefore have more chance of getting the limousine you want.

For example, many weddings are planned for spring and early summer when the weather is more conducive to outdoor photos and flimsy dresses. Therefore many limo hire companies will be booked heavily at this time of the year. So too towards the end of the year as this is the time of year many proms are scheduled to celebrate the end of school. Also, there will be a lot of limos booked for Christmas parties and end of year dinners.

During the week tends to be less busy for limo hire companies than weekends and some limo hire companies may even offer you a discount for limos booked during the week as opposed to the weekend.

Anyone who drives to work regularly knows that peak hour traffic is terrible between 8-9.30am and 5-6.30pm. Therefore limos hired outside these times will be cheaper again.

Most of all, it depends on the type of limo hire that the limo hire company you are looking at specialises in as this will determine their busy times. For more information about the availability of limos in the UK, speak to our sales team today.

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