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Limo Driver Training

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Becoming a limo driver is a choice made by numerous drivers every year. Being a limo driver is a career commitment that involves extensive training and experience.

The first part of the training involves understanding the customer and industry expectations. This means knowing the different events and people limo companies cater for and the service expectations on the chauffers.

Limo drivers also need to know how to complete an inspection of their vehicle and fill out the necessary paper work, report an accident and calculate billing. They will also need a basic understanding of the mechanical aspects of their limo to carry out any minor repairs required, know how to change the tyre and establish the safety of the vehicle. This includes knowing where the first aid kit and the fire extinguisher are.

Undertaking chauffeur training also includes mastering the communications systems in the vehicles, manoeuvring parking, reading maps and becoming familiar with places around town that will be regular pick up and drop off points.

Limo drivers also need to be able to help passengers in and out of the limo and take care of their luggage. Also, to ensure the comfort of their passengers, limo drivers will need to properly prepare their limo before pick up, this includes cleaning the vehicle and stocking it with alcohol, soft drinks and ice.

Before receiving their chauffer licence, limo drivers will participate in a monitored drive. A representative from the licensing office will accompany the limo driver on either an actual pick up, with the consent of the passenger, or on a dummy run. Also in the presence of an instructor, the limo driver will be tested on their open road driving, city driving, reversing and manoeuvring in tight spaces and through obstacle courses.

Once all of the theory and practical work has been done, the limo driver is set to look for work, at which stage, the company which hires them will instruct them in the intricacies of their business and clientele.

Trainee scheduled for ride-along with Field Supervisor or Senior Chauffeur *

Trainee completes ride-along; performs all duties of the chauffeur.

Trainee, Field Supervisor/Trainer and General Manager have lunch together.

Trainee scheduled for first trip & advised

Trainee completes first trip with Field Supervisor/Trainer as a ride-along.

Driver scheduled for first solo run & entered into system with availability info.

Driver continues thru company certification program during tenure.

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