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Limo Companies Raise Hire Prices

Limo Companies Raise Hire Prices

When you hire a limousine, you may think that the difference in price between a taxi and a limo is simply the exceptional service you receive from the chauffeur, the sparkling clean and stylish limo and the exclusivity of the limousine itself.

However, limousine hire companies in Detroit have recently been forced to raise their prices, regardless of their chauffeur's performance. The Metro Airport in Detroit have introduced a new airport rule which has the potential to more than triple the cost to limo hire companies. The airport rule came into effect in June and saw the limousine's per-trip pick-up fee raised from US$3 to US$10! Chauffeurs are also barred from entering the baggage claim areas.

While there is a Detroit limo hire company which holds an exclusive airport limo contract, the fees apply to all other limo hire companies picking up and dropping off clients.

Needless to say, local limo hire companies are not happy. The spokesman for Great Lakes Limousine Association has said that the fee increase and rulings are �anti-small business and anti-passenger'. The company which has the exclusive airport limo contract is Checker Sedans who are the only limo hire company allowed to enter the terminals to greet their clients.

However, greeting clients inside the terminal is often expected as the chauffeur will often also carry the passenger's bags to the limousine.

The new fee increase and restrictions are said to have been introduced to raise revenue for the airport as well as improve security in the terminals. While many limo hire companies rely heavily on airport transfers for much of their business, they will have no choice but to reflect the fee increase in their pricing. US$10 is not the highest in the States, but the national average is only around US$2.

Let's hope that the UK airports aren't as stringent in their policies, otherwise passengers will have to carry their own bags to their waiting limousine.

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