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While vehicle hire is often thought of in the form of taxis or wedding cars, there is a growing need for more facilities to transport older drivers. Older drivers tend to be less confident and sometimes unwilling to drive long distances or in bad weather.

Often their family and friends try to advise them to give up their cars for their safety and general road safety. However, with an aging population and a life expectancy higher than ever before there are a number of older drivers who don't want to give up their independence.

It has also been reported that drivers who have had to give up their licences suffer from higher levels of depression than those still driving.

However, to meet this new demand, many companies that are willing to set up this type of vehicle hire are being held back. There is a lack of funding for vehicle hire projects run by volunteers, as well as the fears of the volunteer drivers that their insurance premiums will increase.

There is also the issue of liability for the drivers as they are taking responsibility for the safety of their passengers.

Despite the barriers, it is important that vehicle hire companies are created or adapted to cater for this growing need, as older drivers need to be able to feel they are still living their life.

Another alternative is additional training for older drivers to help keep them driving. There are programs being run through hospitals and occupational therapy facilities to help drivers compensate for any impairments they have suffered through a stroke or arthritis.

While keeping older drivers, as well as our roads, safe is important, it is also important that older drivers are still able to go about their days as normal. With the help of vehicle hire companies this looks like becoming a reality.

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