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Welcome to Limo Broker... UK's leading limousine hire company!

Here at Limo Broker, we pride ourselves to provide the best and most personal limo hire service in the UK. We also offer online advice and useful information to help our customers and readers find relevant details and links. Please feel free to browse through our news section for more details. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please free to contact us.

If you are still unsure about how we operate, please take a few moments to read through the questions and answers below.

Who is Limo Broker?

Limo Broker does exactly what it says, limo hire brokerage. We work alongside some of the UK's top limousine hire companies to offer the very best and piece of mind service. We have dedicated agents, nationwide who offer us prices on a wholesale basis. i.e. cheaper than the market... Having large buying powers means we can help our customers compare and secure some fantastic deals on stretch limo hire. Some people prefer to deal direct with companies by cutting our the broker but end up paying more (explained below).

Is My Booking Safe With Limo Broker?

Being a nationwide and internet based company we believe that we must stay ahead of our competitors. Our web and IT team have built one of the finest booking management systems in the market. The system helps us, our agents and customers to track their bookings in a matter of seconds. Every customer is given a unique booking confirmation number which is created by the system, and an e-mail will follow to confirm all the details. The e-mail also contains important information such as emergency telephone number for the driver and the terms & conditions.

Why Do I Need To Know All This?

95% limo hire companies still use the old fashion, manual diary system. But the scary thing is... What if the diary goes missing or gets lost???

Q: Who suffers the most? A: The customer(s)

This has happened in the past to several companies and it can ruin your special day/night. Please be careful who you book with. Always ask the question.

How Can Limo Broker Save Me Money on Limo Rental?

Brokers tend to get cheaper prices because they have better buying powers. For example... Motor insurance brokers get paid commission for converting business on behalf of direct insurers. The more business they convert for the insurer, the better chances of getting cheaper prices. Limo Broker works on the same sort of concept. As we're providing our agents with bulk number of bookings, we get prices much cheaper than customers.

Why do Agents Offer Cheaper Prices to Limo Broker?

It's quite simple... Our agents are getting bookings without spending large sums of ���'s on advertising, marketing or websites. We do all the hard work by driving the leads into the call centre, making telephone calls to convert them into bookings and the agents who benefit from this great service. This means they're happy to give us cheap limo hire prices.

What are the Benefits of Booking Through Limo Broker?

  • More choice of limos.
  • Many different colours and models.
  • We confirm all bookings by e-mail the minute you book.
  • Emergency phone number direct to your chauffeur.
  • Free nightclub entry deals. (In selected areas only)
  • You're dealing with a large national network.
  • The best of all, we're the cheapest!

We hope this information helps you understand why Limo Broker is one of the leading limo hire companies in the UK. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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