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jeep limos are one of the most hired stretch limos in UK, Europe and USA. They are available in many colours such as white, black, silver, red and now in pink!! There's also lot's of different types of models and models available for hire including Ford Excursion, Lincoln Navigator and many more.

Pictured on the right are two of the most popular 4x4 jeep limos in the UK. The Black is the Ford Excursion and the white limo is the Hummer H2 limo. They are both around 38ft in length and fitted with almost everything you can imagine such as strobe lights, chrome alloys, DVD players, flat screen TVs, champagne bars, DVD player and much more. Other SUV and jeep limos for hire: Audi Q7 limousine, Range Rover limousine, Ford Excursion limo and many more. Please visit our main SUV limo hire section.

A lot people wonder whether these style limousines are built as stretched from new. If you are unsure how these monster limos are built, please take a few minuted to read through the article below which explains about limo coach builders...

The demand for custom built stretch limousines has seen the insurgence of a variety of coach builders into the industry. While there are training courses and standards to be followed by coach builders who are stretching vehicles into limousines, there are many who simply follow their own rules, but with what consequences?

Rick Watson in the southern American town of Lake Huron runs a small shop called Great Lakes Limousine. Watson is often approached by limo hire companies who ask him to stretch a vehicle for them.

While Watson is aware of the apprehension in the industry about the safety of stretch vehicles, he insists that the vehicles he creates are safe and are able to handle the heavier load. Great Lakes Limousine has converted a variety of vehicles from a 1957 Chevrolet to a vintage Model A, as well as a number of SUVs.

Watson runs a crew of 38 who cut the vehicles in half with a hand held power saw and then manufacture the stretched body, frame, seats and plush interiors by hand. Watson and his crew often create two coaches a week and have completed Hummers, Escalades, Chrysler 300s, Cadillacs and Lincolns, some stretched as much as 40 feet.

However, while the limo hire companies trust Watson to convert their vehicles, New York City and Connecticut ban all SUV limousines which do not meet the design specifications set out by Ford and Cadillac. Stretch Hummers and Chrysler 300s are not allowed on the roads of New York at all. While it is a tough industry to regulate, there is no evidence that the stretched vehicles pose safety issues. It is assumed that the coachbuilders like Watson creating these vehicles know about the regulations and adhere to them to protect their reputation as well as the future passengers.

However, the limo hire companies should be aware when buying vehicles stretched by unauthorized coachbuilders that the warranties on those vehicles are more than likely void.

We offer jeep limousine hire in all areas of UK including London, Cardiff, Newport, Cwmbran, Taunton, Swansea, Bath, Bristol, Reading, Swindon, Somerset, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, West Midlands, East Midlands, Northampton, Luton, Watford, Lancashire, Derby, Nottingham, Bradford, Leicester, Yorkshire, Essex, Brighton, Southampton, Portsmouth, Caldicot, Chepstow, Hereford, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Warrington, Stockport, St Helens and all major cities of England, Wales and Scotland.

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