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How to Organise a Hen Weekend

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How To Organise Hen Nights & Hen Weekend...

Have you been given the job to organise a hen night or weekend for your best friend? Well done! This just means that you a responsible person and your friend has a lot of faith in you! Good luck!!!

If you have never organised a hen night, don't worry, we can help! We have added lot's of articles to help you find advice, links and information. Feel free to have a quick read through.

The best way to organise a hassle free night is to make notes of everything you do. Always speak to the group party and work out a budget per person. So at least you all know the exact cost of the party.

We have added some more details and advice on this page. Please take a few minuted to see if this information can help you to organise your best friends special night out.

Here's a checklist of all the things you need to think about:

  • Hotel Accommodation. (If you are organising a hen weekend)
  • Nightclub entry.
  • Limo Ride. (Check whether it's a return or single)
  • T-Shirt printing.
  • Colour Scheme / party theme.
  • Restaurant.

Obviously, you and your party will have other ideas, but this guide can help you choose from some options.

It all depends what kind of theme you are thinking of. It's probably a good idea to speak to a few friends to throw ideas around.

If you are looking to organise a wild/fun hen night, tt's probably a good idea to have a "DARE TO DO IT CHECKLIST" You can usually buy one of these online for only �2.00

This checklist is quite fun and has lot's of dares for the hen. You will find that most of the party will get involved as it's quite fun.

Here's an idea of what the checklist has as the dares;

  • Dance with a bald guy.
  • Kiss the first guy who speaks to you.
  • Serenade someone.
  • Blow kisses to a stranger.
  • Dance on a table.
  • Collect 3 men's telephone numbers.
  • Drink 3 shots in a row.
  • Wink at a guy and lick your lips.
  • Remove your bra without leaving the room.
  • Collect a pair of men's boxes.

This is just an example and idea of what's out there, but there are 100's of different ideas and themes you can choose from. Your best bet is to have a look online and see if you find something that suits you.

It's probably a good idea to speak to a hen and stag company. They can normaly offer more ideas and help you to plan a weekend.

You can try our prefered partner, The Hen And Stag Group (Release Travel) who can organise Hen Weekend Packages .

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