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How are Limos Made?

The creation of a limousine is no mean feat. Limos are defined by their luxurious body, stylish interiors and opulent extras. stretch limos especially take a whole lot of engineering attention to make them safe and practical, but still plush.

A limo can be built from almost any model of car. Many are custom made for people with more money than they know what to do with, while others are converted from already popular luxury cars to make them suitable for larger groups.

Building a limo is all about knowing where it is going to be used. If a limo builder is creating a car for a hire company to use for weddings, hen's nights or birthdays, it is the internal glitz and glamour that are focused on. There will be mirrored ceilings, stereo and entertainment systems and special lighting to appeal to people looking to hire a limo to make their special occasion even more special. Then there are the limos that are produced for government and business occasions, which focus on comfort and durability.

When referring to a stretch limo by size, you may be wondering why it doesn't sound very big. This is because a stretch limo is measured by the number of inches added into the middle, so a 17' is actually longer than that, it is just 17' longer than an ordinary car of that model.

When converting a car into a stretch limo, the limo builder will have to make sure he still meets all of the safety and manufacturing guidelines set out by the car's original manufacturer.

To begin the creation of a stretch limo, the car is first cut into two sections. The new section is added in the middle and this can be custom made by the limo builder from metal stampings or aluminium extrusions, or be ordered from the original car's manufacturer.

The finishing internal touches are the ones which require the most time and effort. When constructing a stretch limo, the sky's the limit as to how many gadgets and strobe lights you want it to have.

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