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Hen Night Planning Advice

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Hen Night Planning advice

As the chief bridesmaid, the responsibility has fallen to you organise a memorable, fun and original hen's night. There are a few things you will have to take into consideration to ensure everyone has a good time and the night goes as planned.

When making a guest list, ask the bride to be who she wants there. Tell her what you are planning too as she may want to plan a dinner for her mum, mother-in-law to be and aunts, while going on a pub crawl with the girls. Make sure that what you are planning will be fun for everyone invited, and they know what they are up for before they arrive. Since the hen's night is about the bride spending time with her closest friends, match the venue and activities to the guests.

On the night there is likely to be people who have never met each other before. Therefore at the start of the evening make sure everyone is properly introduced and has a chance to chat and break the ice before the craziness starts. You may even want to have a get to know you day before the hen's night too.

Some clubs and pubs are reluctant to admit a group of drunken girls with condoms pinned to them. This being the case, make sure you check with the places you are planning to visit before hand and if necessary, tone down your costumes.

You may have called the pub you want to go to for your hen's night and the bouncer on the door knows nothing about it and won't let you and your girls in. If this happens to be the case you will need a back up plan (venue) that is close and the same type of place.

Make sure one or more of you brings a camera on the night to capture all of the �action'. The developed pics will of course need to be kept away from the groom!

Also, remember to take it easy early on, you don't want to down eight vodkas in the first hour and be �riding the porcelain bus' for the rest of the night.

Lastly, it is a good idea that as the chief bridesmaid you are in charge of the girls. This means taking everyone's mobile numbers and giving them all yours so that if you are separated in the club or in transit, you can meet up again and continue your revelry.

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