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When organising a hen night, it's always good to think about themes, ideas and also listen to what the rest of the party members want to do. You will find that the hen might request to invite friends, work colleagues, cousins etc. This means that there will be lots of people who may have never met before and might make the party hard to adapt if the theme is not right. This may also put more pressure on you as the organizer.

We have added this article to help our readers find information about hen night ideas and themes. Please take a few minutes to read through which might help you get things organised smoother.

Every hen's night must have a theme so your hen and all of her girls can get dressed up and make this night memorably different to any others.

By dressing up on your hens night, you and your girls will be able to let your hair down and do things you wouldn't normally do because it's not really you, it's you in a pink wig and fishnets.

When choosing your costumes, make sure every girl is happy with the choice, or is able to make it suit her. The most important thing though, is that the bride to be is the centre of attention and stands out in her white veil or tiara.

Your hen's night might be a group of playboy bunnies, devils and angels, nurses or policewomen. Try to choose a costume theme that suits the bride's personality and maybe reminds you of a stage in your lives, for example, school girl dresses or the bride's first job.

To make sure everyone is comfortable, you may want to restrict the costumes to wigs and make all of the girls hen's night t-shirts. If you are having a hen's weekend and will be going out on more than one night, you may want to come up with two costumes. Just make sure everyone is clear about the theme and you have discussed your costumes and their level of absurdity before the hen's night.

As with your costumes, tailor the theme to the girls you are inviting. You don't want to announce your theme and have some of the girls make excuses not to come because they don't want to dress up as a bunny girl.

Make sure the theme you choose is practical an affordable. You want to be ale to spend your cash on drinks for your hen's night, not on an elaborate costume. Also remember you will be in crowded club in which a bulky costume will be very hot and uncomfortable no matter how much you've had to drink.

Some themes to get you thinking may be Bond Girls, Pop Stars, School Girls or have each girl come as something which begins with the same letter as their name.

To make sure the craziness of the hen's night doesn't get misconstrued in post-event re-tellings and get you girls in trouble, agree that 'what happened on the hen's night stays on the hen's night', what you can remember anyway.

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