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Welcome to our website. If you are looking to hire a Hummer limo, please check our our comprehensive Hummer limos"> Hummer limo hire section.

Limousines have recently branched out from understated and stylish transport for royalty, celebrities and world leaders to being party buses fitted out with the latest gadgets and gizmo's to appeal to a hen's party or a bloke's night out.

This shift can be clearly seen in the emergence of limousines such as the stretch Hummer H2 and H3 which have everything you need for a night on the town, meaning you don't even have to go into town, you can just party all night in your limo.

The newest release in the Hummer family is the 8 wheeler Hummer. If you have seen the Hummer H2s and H3s, you will have thought they were head turning party machines, however, the 8 wheeler Hummer is a whole new way to get in on the party bus action.

The 8 wheeler Hummer is also the newest addition to the Limo Broker files and you can be one of the first to hire this one of a kind limousine to make a once in a lifetime impression. The 8 wheeler is over 36 feet long and because it is registered as a bus, it can carry up to 16 passengers.

Powered by a 6.7 litre engine and fitted with a 1,000 watt sound system, smoke machine, strobe lights, 22 inch chrome wheels, six plasma TVs, DVD player and cocktail bar the 8 wheeler Hummer is bigger and more exiting than any which have come before. And not only will the Gargoyle make an impression on the inside as you are riding in it, it also has specialist paintwork of shocking blue flames down each side. The Gargoyle's paintwork was even done by the same company which use to paint Elvis' motorbikes and also sprayed the very famous Joker Hummer limo.

Back inside, the Gargoyle takes its name from the numerous Gothic creatures situated around the cabin. The mirrored roof is also scattered with tiny lights to make it look like the night sky.

The 8 wheeler Hummer is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you take it on your big night out. The Gargoyle was the star of the Limousine and Chauffeur Show at London's ExCeL, and now Limo Broker, the winner of the Website of the Year Award, is offering you the chance to ride in the most amazing and unique limousine you will ever see.

For more information or to book the Gargoyle Hummer for your next big night out, contact us today and arrive in style.

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