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Famous Limos

Limos are well known as the cars for the stars, but limos have had their time in the spotlight too. There are numerous appearances by limos in films and they have been sharing the screen with some big names for many years.

For example, the 1955 Chrysler Crown limousine was featured in Jailhouse Rock with Elvis Presley when his character has landed a recording contract and rides into Climax Studios in an Imperial Crown limousine.

Also, the '56 Crown limo is seen in the Return of the Fly movie where Vincent Price attends a funeral at the beginning of the movie and is picked up by a Crown Imperial limousine. While driving back, Price also uses an intercom phone to give directions to the driver.

The '55 and '56 Crowns are very similar is looks, however, the '56 has tailfins on the back. The 1955s were styled by Virgil Exner who was inspired by the 1952 Imperial Parade Phaeton show cars. The body shape was therefore similar to the 1955 Chryslers, but the Crown Imperials had a wide space split grill, which was also later used on the Chrysler 300-C executive hot rod. The 55s came in two or four door and were the first Chryslers to have a V8 engine.

The '56 Crowns were very similar and as well as their tail fins, they also had a longer wheelbase and a larger engine.

Other famous limos can be seen in the Get on the Limo feature film which shows the Billionaires for Bush group hopping into their limos to campaign for the re-election of President Bush. With slogans like �Corporations are People Too', Billionaires for Bush are well known as a likeable and noticeable political group.

But probably one of the most famous luxury cars to be depicted on the big screen is the car Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed in. The 1934 Deluxe Model Ford V8 was part of Bonnie and Clyde's style. They knew they were doomed to be caught so they were determined to enjoy life as much as they could with the best they could find.

The original Fords impressed Clyde so much that he actually wrote to Henry Ford to say �For sustained speed and freedom from trouble the Ford has got every other car skinned'. Is it any surprise that a bank robber would seek to steal the best car he could find?

Many of these models of limousine can still be found today, there are also numerous other classic cars available for hire for your next special day, so contact Limo Broker for a quote.

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