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Family Day Out

Family Day Out

Your family is very important to you. You want to make sure they are happy healthy and safe. Therefore you may have hired a limousine to pick up your husband from the airport after his last trip away, or you may have hired a limousine for your mum on Mother's Day to show her how much you care.

But it can be hard keeping in touch with all of your family. Therefore, why not organise a family reunion? However, a family reunion is not just another party; there are many additional things you will have to consider.

For example, as soon as you choose a tentative date, notify everyone you intend to invite to check they can come. Make a list of all of the family members you want to invite and start tracking them down around twelve months before. Also, make sure you keep all of the arrangement details and bookings together.

To help you track down missing relatives, ask around your family, they are sure to be in contact with someone. Also, start asking around the family for old photos and family memorabilia to decorate the party. You can even create a family reunion website so your family can monitor the planning progress.

In the course of your organising, make a file of all of your family including their contact details, occupations, hobbies and their position in the family - your second cousin or great grandfather. This list will be useful for tracking down RSVPs and it will help in planning any future reunions.

Around seven months before the reunion date, start to decide on a budget and a venue. Will the reunion be a sit down dinner or a weekend at a resort? Research all of your decisions carefully to ensure they are suitable for all of your family members.

At the three month mark you should send out invitations with an RSVP date. Don't forget to also confirm all of your entertainment and bookings now too.

As you get closer to the reunion date, make all of your regular party preparations such as food, plates, cleaning and music.

Then on the day of your family reunion, all you have to do is catch up with your family, ask them to sign the guest book and agree to make family reunions a regular occurrence.

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