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Evolution Of Limos

Evolution Of Limos

Limousines, as with any fashion, have changed to reflect the times and the attitudes of the buying public. Since their inception in the 1900s to their regular use today, limousines have changed with the times, however some brands have been more loyal to their traditions of style and class than others.

In the �70s the stretch limo really came into its own as the bright, bold and brassy styles of the time were extended to the luxury car. The regular limousines and luxury cars were stretched beyond the length their manufacturers had intended and the extras and luxuries were loaded in - the TVs, the stereos, the strobe lights�

However, not all of the limousines manufactured in the 1970s were seduced by the over the top glitz and glamour of the time. Many regular limousines came out of the 1970s and are highly sought after today as they are now classic cars.

One such continually stylish limousine is the Chrysler Imperial. While it was first introduced in 1926, the Imperial was breaking new ground in the luxury car industry in the 1970s too. The 1971 Chrysler Imperial was the first production car in the world to have a four wheel anti-lock braking system. While the Chrysler Imperial was sold from 1955 - 1975 as its own marque, its style and class were still recognised as being the quality work of Chrysler.

While the extravagantly stretched and decked out limos of the 1970s have become out dated and the imposing and impressive H2s and H3s with their modern luxuries and funky leather seat colours and combinations have taken their place, the classic limousines of the 1970s have an enduring appeal in their stylish lines and traditional interiors which makes them a popular choice for wedding parties over 30 years on.

For more information or to hire a classic 1970s limo for your next special event, speak to Limo now.

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