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Wedding Vow Renewal

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Wedding Vow Renewal

Were you and your partner young when you got married and couldn't afford a big wedding where you arrived at the church in a horse drawn carriage and wore a white meringue dress? You may have grown up a bit since then and would prefer an elegant empire line dress and a sleek white limo and you may have saved up a bit of money too. So why not renew your wedding vows and have the fancy wedding with all the guests you couldn't invite to your first wedding.

Or are you coming up on a special wedding anniversary and want to make it a memorable event for you, your partner and your whole family? Vow renewals can take place in any location with as many people present as you wish. They are also a great way to celebrate the fact that your family has just come through a tough time - maybe one of you has recovered from an illness or you have both been working hard to establish your careers.

Also, couples who elope often renew their wedding vows when they return to share the experience with their loved ones. While a wedding is about yourself and your partner, eloping to celebrate together and returning to renew our vows with your family is a great compromise.

Renewing your vows is a very romantic and meaningful way to show everyone and each other how in love you still are. A vow renewal can take place at any time after the original ceremony, as long as the time and event are significant to you, as you don't want to rehash your wedding unnecessarily and have it loose all meaning.

If your situation is similar to any of the ones above and you are thinking about renewing your wedding vows, check out the subsequent articles on this site for all the details.

We hope this article was useful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.

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