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Wedding Cake Information and advice..

We all know how the guest always look forward to seeing the wedding cake so it must be perfect. This doesn't mean you have to spend loads of money, it all depends on your wedding theme. This article will help you understand the best way to organise the wedding cake. We have also added other wedding related links to this page. Please take a quick tour around our site.

The wedding cake has come a long way from frosted fruit cakes, and your imagination is the only limit to the flavour, shape, size and colour of your cake.

You may be leaning towards a mud cake, fudge cake, sponge cake filled with custard, cream or mousse or following a healthier path of banana, carrot or orange cake. You don't just have to choose one either, each tier can be a different flavour.

Chocolate wedding cakes are very popular at the moment, as are individual cupcakes, where guests can simply help themselves. The size of the cake depends on how it will be served. If it is to be dessert, a larger piece will be served, while if it is to accompany coffee or be put in cake bags to take home, smaller slices will be acceptable.

If you are planning a large reception, a good idea is to get a slab cake made in additional to your display cake. A slab cake is the same flavour as the display cake but is not as elaborately decorated to save on cost.

With your decorations you may want to use fresh flowers to match your bouquets, in which case the decorator will need to liaise with the florist to ensure continuity. Or if you would like to keep the decorations, you can have sugar or silk flowers as decoration. Many designers also take care to create the bride and groom figures to match the actual couple, looking at hair colour, dress and flowers.

By the time you decide on the style and flavour of cake you want, you will want to book a designer as soon as possible to ensure they are able to work on your cake. Price is usually a very good indicator of quality, while decorating time and the detail of your decorations also influence the cost.

Remember, it's not all about having an expensive wedding cake. It's all about what suits your wedding.

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