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Daimler Super 8...

The Daimler name has long been associated with luxurious and quality driven vehicles. Since Daimler began production in 1897, the luxury cars developed and perfected over the years are famous the world over.

And Daimler continues to work harder and better to continue producing world class luxury limousines. This determination and success can be clearly seen in the newest Daimler release, the Daimler Super Eight.

Like many luxury limousines, the new Daimler combines a luxurious body with the latest technology, but Daimler has completed this infusion with innovation and style to create a luxury car which is modern and initiative without being technologically likened to a Bond car!

The new Daimler Super Eight limousine unobtrusively provides everything that the passenger could ever ask for, and this reflects the Daimler promise that the buyer will get the best of everything.

And don't think that this limousine has no power because it runs on a 4.2 litre super charged V8 engine. Coupled with the lightweight aluminium body the new Daimler limousine ensures a smooth but powerful ride.

The interior is where the clever melding of style and technology can be discovered. Innovations include a voice activated climate control, complete multimedia entertainment system, fold out work tables and power adjustable rear seats.

The Super Eight limousine also has a longer wheelbase, comparable to many other more expensive limousines. The rear passengers are not neglected in the limousine's design and have over 39 inches of rear leg room.

The rear passenger also enjoys a four way adjustable lumbar support seat, the ability to move the front passenger seat forward using rear controls and lamb's wool rugs and head rests.

The Super Eight also has front seat mounted screens for the rear passengers who can either watch TV, a DVD or connect their iPod, MP3 or computer games into the auxiliary sockets.

While we may have to wait awhile to see this newest Daimler limousine here, there is a strong history of class, style and comfort in the Daimler limousine range, so contact Limo Broker now to find out about the Daimler limousines in your area.

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