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Bentley Continental GT Hire

Bentley have long been famous for designing and creating luxury cars which exceed their passenger's expectations of style and class. They are now proud to be the makers of one of the fastest four door luxury cars around, the Bentley Continental GT, also known as the Flying Spur.

The Continental GT is the first Bentley to have all wheel drive and a 12 cylinder engine and the result is a top speed of 198m/h. The style and comfort of the Bentley is not compromised by its speed and this has caught the eye of celebrities such as Ben Affleck and Lil' Kim, but the power of the Continental was too much for Chris Tucker who was caught speeding in his Bentley.

The Flying Spur is not only looking out for its passengers but also the pedestrians and while you will see the trademark grille on the front of the Bentley, on the GT, it is made of plastic to minimise impact in case of a collision.

There are many luxury cars which can transport passengers in style and there are also many sports cars which can get you where you need to go as fast as you like, but there are few that do both and this is the exact design specs which the Continental GT was designed around.

The six litre, twin turbo engine in the Bentley is an innovation in design as it has many new features yet still retains the styling of the Bentley range. For example, by using such a large, turbo engine, the Continental had to use a W formation for the engine instead of a V, making it a W12 not a V12.

The interior of the Bentley Continental has taken the best from every area. Many people by large 4WDs because of their high ride position which makes the seats more comfortable. Therefore, Bentley have used this concept to create the most comfortable seating possible whether you are taking it for a long drive across the country or are being driven to a business meeting.

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