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Keep Traditional Prom

The modern prom is getting a bit of a bad reputation lately, however, it is easy to see how those who have not done their research can easily claim that proms are getting too expensive and too over the top for high school students.

There are even schools in the US which are converting their end of year prom celebrations into the traditional type of prom where the gym is decorated in a theme and the students are dropped off by their parents or the school bus.

Quaker Valley School District is going all out for its traditional prom and students from Sewickley will be transforming their gym during a weeklong makeover into a Havana Nights theme. The gym will even be open for the public to see on the Friday before their prom.

There is even the traditional grand march of prom couples to start the night and the whole community turns out to watch. The tickets are also around a third of the price of a modern prom and all of the work to put on a traditional prom is to ensure that all of the students from a variety of economic backgrounds, can enjoy one of the biggest nights of their lives.

While having a traditional prom is one way to make sure that the end of year celebrations are inclusive of everyone's budget, a little creativity and planning can produce a high class result on a tight budget.

For example, if your family has a modest budget for your son or daughter's prom expenses, plan ahead. If you book a limousine early, you can push for an early booking discount. Also, if the cost is shared with a few friends and their dates, the cost of the limo is again reduced.

While there are hundreds of gorgeous dresses out there to choose from, there are just as many gorgeous dress making patterns to choose from at the haberdashery store and if mum or grandma makes your dress, you can choose the exact style, length and material and you will know that no one else will have the same dress as you, all for the cost of the material.

Also try to find someone you know who can do your hair, makeup and nails. It doesn't have to be a professional, your sister, aunty or cousin could do them for you, all you need is someone else to do it, as if you do it yourself you can't do the back of your hair properly and you will be tempted to run off before the polish on your nails is dry.

There are plenty of ways to curb your prom budget so that you can still enjoy a night of glitz, glamour and stretch limousines and celebrate the end of school in style.

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