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Classic Vs Millenium Lincoln

Classic Vs Millenium Lincoln

From 1998 onwards the millenium style limousine was launched which replaced the classic limo, now known as the old shape. There's nothing wrong with classic style limos but the demand has increased for the milleniums.

Both classic and millenium is manufactured made by Lincoln in USA. The actual name of the vehicle is Lincoln Towncar. They're nice to drive and available in white, silver and black. Once you have had these vehicles stretched, you can have it painted in whatever colour you like. One of the most popular colour is pink. This is being hired by the hen night and prom parties. Some people are also hiring pink limos for weddings.

Pictured on the left is the inside view of the classic style limo. It's built so well and is the perfect example of an elegant stretch limousine. Although we have access to all types of vehicles the millenium is the most hired, however we still get speacial requests for the classic edition. Please call for more details.

Pictured below, is the millenium style limousine. This limousine is available in three different sizes when stretched. 80" 100" and 120" This is the length of the panel between the front and the rear door.

Lincoln have recently launched the brand new facelift model which is even newer that the millenium model. The new shape id quite similar to the millenium but has a few more extra features and looks. Having new Chrysler limos being stretched and shipped to UK means the Towncar sellers are facing more competetion but Lincoln is confident that it will never die or be beaten on price!

So if you would like more information about either the classic ot the millenium, please feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help. Thank you for visitng, we hope this information helped your enquiry.

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