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Cadillac Limo Hire

Limousines are all about style, sophistication and standing out from the crowd. This is what makes Harley Earls' 1920 Cadillac limo so special. It is a one off limousine made by the one and only Harley Earl, famous for his design work with GM.

However, the Cadillac limo was built nearly seven years before Harley began working for GM and includes a host of unique features and a one off custom design.

Harley grew up in Hollywood with his father who ran a very successful coach building business which built custom cars for the rich and famous. Earl continued to create his stylish and unique cars, even through the post WWI slump where there was a lack of materials, frequent railroad strikes and intricate logistics required to run a vehicle factory, creating a production slump in 1920 and '21.

The 1920 Cadillac limo was originally created for John and Beatrice Rohan from Oakland, California. Rohan came to San Francisco to make his living shovelling coal, where he made a wager with his boss that if he worked for two years in the coal yard without pay, he would receive a half share in the business. With both sides of the deal fulfilled, Rohan was well on his way to being rich enough to approach Harley for a vehicle to show off his wealth.

At the dealership in 1920, there were already two limousines in production, a regular and Imperial model. Neither of these were quite what Rohan was after and so Harley designed his famous one off 1920 Cadillac Type 59 limousine.

The stunning blue limo has a body similar to the factory built Cadillac limos but with more elegant detailing. One of the most distinctive additions is the triangular window extensions which may have been the inspiration for the wrap around windshield seen in later models.

The custom body features a leather covered roof, glass opera side windows and two bevelled rear oval windows. Slick running boards and kick plates were also added, as well as 25 inch wheels. The limo has a spacious 132 inch wheelbase, 90o V8 engine, which creates 70 horsepower through a dual exhaust.

The door handles and window winders could be mistaken for fine jewellery and add to the luxurious wooden interior with collapsible steering wheel, which is actually an early version of a tilt steering wheel, and adjustable headlights for seeing close objects or 300 feet ahead.

This luxurious limo is back in the hands of GM who bought it at a private sale in 2002. It is definitely an inspired luxury vehicle produced by a designer who was way ahead of his time.

You can now hire Cadillac limousines in many different colours including white, black, silver, pink and even pink convertible. Please contcat us for more details.

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