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Alton Towers Adventure

Alton Towers Adventure

Kids of every age look forward to a visit to a good theme park and Alton Towers Theme park is one of the best. However, you don't go to a theme park every day so you want the trip to be special, memorable and stress free therefore, hire a limousine for you and your family or friends to get you to Alton Towers in style and comfort.

Not only will you not have to worry about driving out to Alton Towers if you hire a chauffeur driven limousine, you will also be able to spend time with your family in the spacious limousine on the way. When you arrive you will also not have to worry about paying for a car park or driving around wasting time trying to find a car park.

When it is time to leave, you may be even more appreciative of your hired limousine as you may have overdone it on the rides and feel too sick to drive or you may be feeling a little woozy and the smooth ride in the limousine will give you plenty of time to recover.

And there are plenty of rides and you may inadvertently push your stomach past its limit with the desire to try every ride at Alton Towers.

If you are the typical thrill seeker, you will enjoy the Nemesis which will speed you through pools of blood and rocky terrain, with G-forces greater than a space shuttle takeoff! Or you can try the Blade where you will experience zero-g as you swing high and are lifted, only to fall again and again.

A family day at Alton Towers is also an experience to rival Disneyland with rides sch as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where you and the kids will see, feel and smell what happened to Charlie and his spoilt companions. You will see the river of chocolate, smell the delicious varieties of candy and marvel at the fairytale landscape, you may even see one of those cheeky Oompa-Loompas, so make sure you behave!

If you like to get your feet wet, hop on board the Flume as you experience bath time like never before while your tub encounters whirlpool plugs and giant rubber ducks in the rapids.

When it is time to leave, you may not be feeling sick but you will probably be tired from all of the excitement. Therefore you will be glad that you hired a limousine to take you back to your door, as well as give you the chance to relive the adventures of the day on the way home.

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