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1980s Limos

1980s Limos

The limousines of the 1980s were entering a stage of recognition, luxury and common use. Limousines in the 1980s were used for young professionals out on the town and it was either a big flashy limousine or it was nothing.

Cadillac entered the 1980s with a fresh approach to the styling of their cars. The 1980s Cadillac limousines had a large easily recognisable Cadillac grille, horizontal headlamps and a revised rear bumper and deck face. This new sleek, stylish and modern look continued through the 1980s Fleetwood Cadillacs which also had a 121.5 inch wheelbase.

The Fleetwoods were considered informal limousines as they did not have the glass passenger-driver divider. The Cadillac limousines were luxurious limousines in every other way though with a sable black and black elk-grain full vinyl roof, velour upholstery, thick pile carpet, eight passenger seating, automatic levelling, electric door lock, power windows, reading lamps for passengers, rear climate control, rear radio controls and an eight track tape player.

The Fleetwood limousines were over 23 feet long and were generally used in Washington for heads of state and dignitaries.

The Ford LTD stood for Luxury Trim D�cor and was a very spacious and reliable luxury car. Because of this extra space and sturdiness, the Ford LTD was a popular choice as a police car.

Towards the end of the 1970s, the LTD was made shorter; however, the interior was just as spacious. This reduction in size and bulk meant this luxury Ford was more fuel economic and handled better, while the smoothness of the ride was considerably improved. These luxury Fords were offered in the early �80s with 255 in� V8 and after 1983 were revamped with a 302cid (5.0 litre) V8.

So as the limousines were becoming more luxurious, more powerful and more widely used, where would the next new, exciting big idea in the luxury car industry come from?

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